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At Amikov job, we focus on quality provision of personnel services in various areas of industry. We hold an agency employment permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The basis of Amikov job's business success is effective teamwork with highly professional employees.

Our team

Ing. Michaela Kovaříková Goldšmidová, MBA
Sales department
+420 601 355 496
Marek Kovařík
Sales department
+420 602 410 662
Implementation department
+420 603 288 907
Recruitment department

We provide complex personal services (temporary employee assigment, personal leasing, new employee recruitment, personal counseling). Our goal is to find new employees for companies we work with and succesfully help with other requests from our clients. To every person we offer to help finding job with free registration in our database of jobseekers. For people who are looking for job we offer from full time, part time even temporary jobs.

We are traditional czech personal agency, which offers to our clients flexible solutions by temporary employee assigments and also new core employees. We are focusing on research, selection and recruitment of workers in czech republic, also in Slovakia

Personal Agency Amikov, s.r.o. deals with work arrangements and personal counseling in consistent with verdict of Employment department of Czech republic č.j.: UPCR-2017/46832/6, MPSV-UP/16336/14/ÚPČR/4 a č.j.: MPSV-UP/16335/14/ÚPČR/4

Benefits of cooperation

  • Professionalism
  • Quick responses – we can get you as many workers as you need
  • Personal approach
  • Quality workers databases
  • Workers from Czech republic, also from abroad
  • Workers replacement change in case of dissatisfaction

They found jobs with us

„Company Amikov took really good care of my job needs. They offered me various job opportunities, each one of them presented with detailed informations and I only had to pick one that suited me the best. I choosed production operator (automotive) and I dont regret my choice. I have to say that Amikov surprised me with helpfullness and personal approach.“ (Tomáš K.)
„Finally someone who can help me find job that I really wanted. I didnt have easy conditions to begin with and it wasn´t easy but with help from Amikov I succeded with finding the right job for me. As benefit Amikov secure accomodation in a place of employment. Again I cand do what I like with conditions that I determined.“ (Jana V.)
„I was always tempted to work abroad. Thanks to Amikov I finally got the chance to do that. They offered me job as welder in Germany. They showed me exactly what Im going to do, what should I be prepared of and what all I can count on. No information was missing and I was not affraid that there is gonna be single problém. I enjoy my work and as bonus Im getting better in german language.“ (Pavel A.)
„I had various job offers in food industry field. They let me peacefully choose which one I prefer the best, they answered all my questions and help me decide with their opinion. Eventually I took advice from Amikov and choose position as food production operator. All their information didnt lie, I am very satisfied and looking forward daily to go to work. Without a doubt complex services with job searching.“ (Kateřina M.)