Short-term Employment Services

„Are occasional or seasonal jobs unavoidable part of your business? Then use the benefits of short-term employment services“.

Employers who rely on occasional or seasonal jobs that cannot be executed by permanent workers because it would be financially inefficient can benefit greatly from seasonal workers.

Companies can gain from a short-term employment service:

  • If there is a limited amount of working hours needed on a daily basis
  • If there is a higher rate of core employees on a sick leave
  • During holiday season when core employees are off work
  • During a period of occasional or seasonal work

By using the short-term employment services provided by our company you can quickly and flexibly solve a sudden absence of a core worker. In a very short tome (often to 12 hours) we can provide a short term worker in accordance with your requirements.

By utilizing short term employment services you gain appropriate work force not only for a production site but also for administration, services or trading.

With selected candidates we close Work Performance Contract, Work Activity Agreement, Short-term Employment contract for students. Once a month you receive an invoice from us generated in accordance with previously agreed upon business conditions.

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