Recruiting is an unbiased selection of the most suitable candidates based on your requirements and criteria. Renowned work force is the foundation for a well-functioning business. Searching for and selecting suitable candidates is time and money consuming process. To clients we guarantee individual approach of our consultants when selecting each and every worker.

During the selection process we keep a client continually informed. Interviews with selected candidates are scheduled into one time frame in order to provide the best possible assessing opportunity. In case you accept a candidate we selected, it is your turn to reimburse a predetermined single payment to us. Then the candidate can become a core employee of your company.

Specify a job opening and we will prove to you that our candidates are the best.

  • We will take care of the entire selection process:
  • Release of specified advertisement
  • Selection of eligible candidates
  • Managing the entire process of selection
  • Comprehensive assessment of candidate’s qualification
  • Verification of references
  • Elaboration of vocational profiles
  • Selection of the right candidate by the company’s employee

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